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    I'm tempted to open up a window, just a crack.

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    I heard the same thing, and I can vouch for the tastiness of the tacos.  I heard that it is just one of the cutback victims.  I am pretty sure that we are going to be at a 99% inorganic diet. ------------------------------ catherine@higherlogic.com ...

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    Replying to John from Inline where it says Reply to Discussion ------------------------------ Spock Jones [Designation] Higher Logic [City] [State] [Phone] ------------------------------

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    Replying to John. ------------------------------ Spock Jones [Designation] Higher Logic [City] [State] [Phone] ------------------------------

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    Hello Fellow Colonists, Today at 14:00 hours on Sol  2 we'll be hosting a toast to our colleagues who worked on the orbit trajectories for the New Horizons #UltimaThule flyby. Or what are some are affectionately calling the icy bowling ball in the Kepler ...

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    I'm replying to Discussion where Ed thought he found the problem. ------------------------------ Product Management [Designation] [City] [State] [Phone] ------------------------------

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    Let's try to celebrate the start of summer in the hottest of the sectors, Sector 2.  Sector 2 is near the equator and can get to a temperature of 200 degrees ...

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    We all remember the excitement when we first blasted off to the moon.  Undoubtedly by now the realization that living in a two hundred year old square mile upside-down fishbowl full of stale air and stuffed ...

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    According to the charter of the great intergalactic federation, all colonists are hereby notified of the following governing rules effective as of 8/1/2318: Each person shall have designated sleep time ...

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